One of the first lessons we learn and teach is not to lie. Don’t say the apple is an orange . Simple things. Raising our children in God’s word to tell the truth always.

And yet as we grow and are inserted into this sin filled world of greed , it causes people to be infected with the golden globe ability to lie.

People lie about money, marriage, stature, and other people. Some to fit in, most however to feed their ego. People have this constant misunderstanding that they have to be something they are not. Frankly, it’s quite annoying.

I’ve had multiple moments in my life people have expected me to pretend, I’ve had to lie about childhood circumstances out of fear. Now that I’m older, I can still feel sometimes that infection of needing to lie about the truth. The one where everyone thinks everything is OK.

Honestly, it’s a lie. There’s good days there’s bad days. There’s personal struggles, anxiety, depression, and addictions. It’s the constant pressure of seeing children being raised to feel like they have to have the best of everything, the most expensive things, otherwise they don’t fit in and that’s not good enough. They’re infected with the misconception of comparison.

The simple fact is that God created you to be somebody to advance his Kingdom. He gave you gifts and talents. And those who try to steer you away from that are simply liars and lost. So pray for them, but steer clear of them. Surround yourself with people who will infect you with love, and conditional gentle honesty, and encouragement of who you truly are.

Though I struggle with self acceptance, I know it’s from the devil. It’s a lie. And I’m finding that I am very blessed to have particular people in my life who help me see that.

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  1. I love this. So true and honest 🙂

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