Excitement From The Alley

The kids and I took the dog for a walk, and they get so excited when they saw a bird down the alley drinking water. So I said OK we will go check it out. Of course the bird did not stick around for our visit. But one of my favorite things did. The beautiful magical reflections in this liquid left behind.

Anyone I would hope, can appreciate the reflections on a lake. It can be quite breathtaking. But you have to stop and appreciate every detail when you see reflections in the little water puddles left here and there. The colors, the shadows, the silhouettes, the blue sky and beautiful fluffy clouds. It makes me all giddy!

Some people think of liquid as a beverage, breastmilk even (liquid gold), and medicines. I don’t know too many who really think of it from the perspective of it being found in small gorgeous forms.

So pay attention next time you walk by one. You just might see something you never thought to look at.


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2 Responses to Excitement From The Alley

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