When people think of titles, it tends to be those in high authority. When you hear the word pedigree, you assume it has something to do with animals. Probably dogs.

My dogs are muts, but they are loved. They will not be in a dog show and win first place. They may place in the cray cray department though. I speak only truth.

I’m not a queen except to my children. Most days anyway. Unless mama bear comes out. Which happens.

I do however hold a pedigree above all others. As you do as well. We come from Abraham, we are children of the God most high.

Nothing holds us more esteemed or loved or gives us more power than that. Not a power to say we are better than others. Not a title to claim to know more than someone else.

Our pedigree is linked to love, grace, forgiveness, humility, and self control. Attributes many times we as humans fail to uphold. And yet we are still linked to God. Jesus sealed our link when he died for us.

I don’t know about you, but everyday I strive to represent where I come from, who I come from, in a way deserving of what He’s already given me.


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