The Cake

So I told you I’d come back and share about this past weekend. Saturday, my girl turned 5. She wanted to go camping for her birthday. Outdoor fun, not saying no! Anywho, check out her cake! No, I’m not that talented. But we found someone who was. My little girl described the cake she wanted, and mama had to make it happen.

I’ve never seen a small child ask for a cake so detailed. This is her favorite verse. Lion and the Lamb is her favorite song. And Jesus is her hero. As it should be.

She got to eat Jesus of course. The first thing she did was take the broken chain. As she started to eat it she said,”I’m helping Jesus eat everyone’s sins!”

I’m not saying this because I’m her mother. But this girl I believe has an anointing on her life that is bigger than I could imagine. Her faith is far beyond her years. I’ve come across adults professing to be Christians who don’t carry half as much.

There’s a difference in having faith and walking in it. I’m so blessed to see her witness to everyone as she truly walks in her faith. She’s a witness to me as well. And I’m in awe of her ability. It’s a great motivator to deepen my own relationship with our Lord. I’m a constant work in progress, as we all are. I’m just thankful to have some extra help.

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2 Responses to The Cake

  1. What a cake! Keep helping her to believe. It is so easy for them to lose it when they start to try to have friends. But, what a wonderful tribute to her faith.

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