Another First

So the theme this week is EMBRACE. This is Alex. Alex is our high maintenance separation anxiety baby. He’s a 65 pound baby. He and his brothers were left on the side of the road by an abandoned building. So because we could not let them be the only ones not to find a home, well here you go.

He’s not just one to be embraced, but he returns the love. Sometimes too much. Like I can’t pee alone too much. Or sleep alone. Ok he’s another kid.

Even though he drives me nuttier than I already am, I wouldn’t trade him for anything. Besides, no one else could deal with him haha!

Sunday Stills: Embrace

Thank you iScriblr for sharing and encouraging others to join!

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2 Responses to Another First

  1. iScriblr says:

    Yay! That’s wonderful. I am so glad that I could encourage you! These challenges are for sure fun! 🙂
    And aww, ALEX is a sweetheart! *tummy rubs for him*

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