If A Tree Falls…

I really could not capture how magnificent this tree covered in vines was. Looking up foot after foot. Everything tangled magnificently. Layers of leaves and thorns and colors.

We don’t get to see these landscapes around my area too often anymore. If we drive for couple hours away we are blessed enough to be surrounded by beautiful countryside. Acres of forest that have not been chopped down for a shopping center.

I can’t wait to share pictures with you from this weekend. My daughter is turning five tomorrow and all she wanted to do was camp for her birthday. No complaints here!

And even though I’m overwhelmed with anxiety about how things are going to fall into place or not, I look forward to seeing the lake, and the sunset, and hearing the birds and the frogs. And I’m absolutely not looking forward to the mosquitoes.

What better place to get away from the cars, and the rude grocery store people, specifically the other people shopping. What better place than the forest to appreciate and be thankful for the simple things. Things that endure without phones, TV, human conversations.

But I enjoy the conversation part. Obviously if we’ve chatted you know I can respond many many times. Because I’m surrounded with children all day and get excited at the thought of adult interaction! No judgements!

I hope you are able to go enjoy some free forest time this weekend. Blessings!


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4 Responses to If A Tree Falls…

  1. Beautiful photos 😊

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  2. The Haunted Wordsmith says:

    Greats pics and lovely story.

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