Day 3 Quote Challenge/Being Watched

I have enjoyed this so much! Thank you again iScriblr for the tag! If you are tagged, please join in! It’s been a great way to learn new perspectives, and share them too!

Day 3 Quote 3

How I perceive this-

This is pretty straightforward to me. God expects us to follow Him and obey the foundation He has set before us. Obviously being human, we screw up. However, once in touch with the Holy Spirit conviction should slap you pretty quick.

Look, one day when I stand before His judgement, I don’t want to held accountable for following someone else’s ignorance. Nor do I want my motives to be questioned.

This basically says, “don’t jump off the bridge even if your so called friends do.” You and I are smart. Broken but intelligent. And if we want others to do better, we have to set the example. We have to be the right kind of teacher. Don’t help people for worldly recognition. Don’t seek out awards and nobility because you are nice to people. As Christians, we do those things because our heart is driven to. We do them out of love, not selfishness. We do them because it’s the right thing to do.

Honestly, people may give you crap for doing what is right. You may lose family and friends for doing what is right. But God sees everything. And sometimes standing alone not only builds your own integrity and character, but is inspiring someone else behind the scenes. And until you meet the Mighty God, you may not even know that someone invisible to you was watching. And you changed their lives. Pretty awesome to think huh?

Hi friends! Care to do this? I tag 100% Jesus ,clayandbranches, Adult…ish, and anyone else who likes sourcing and sharing quotes!


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  1. iScriblr says:

    This is so wonderful!💕
    Superbly expressed and interpreted!😇

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