How’s That Mirror?

Whoop! Day 2 of the Quote Challenge! Another shout out to iScriblr for the tag and opportunity!

Day 2 Quote 2

How I perceive this-

We are so easily distracted. We can be in the direct path of our goal and see about 10 squirrels and our path is now divided and we are lost. We find ourselves worrying about this person and that person and why they’re not involved with us anymore and why we even care. When we look at everything worldly going on around us we’re overwhelmed with frustration, hurt, jealousy, greed, and dissatisfaction with what we think we should have or be.

Now, look at all these feelings and emotions that we’re having. I can tell you first of all, God does not want us securing those things in our thoughts or emotions. We’ve allowed them to become who we are. We’re not standing in the mirror calling out affirmations. We’re standing there to observe and complain about what we don’t have and what we are not. We’re standing there to observe not what God has given us and made us to be, but what we think the world wants us to be. And like we talked about yesterday, that takes us nowhere.

So, stop seeking out and start seeking within. How do you want people to observe you? Snobby and rude? Hope not. I want to portray a loving, forgiving, Christlike Spirit. I want to start making sure I’m paying attention to how I’m sharing those things from within, and not be chasing the squirrels around me that are determined to steer me a completely different direction.

I want my within to shine outside on others.

Hi friends! Care to do this? I tag Short Prose, This Tiny Blue House, Out of My Write Mind, and anyone else who likes sourcing and sharing quotes!


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4 Responses to How’s That Mirror?

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  2. iScriblr says:

    That’s a lovely quote with wonderful interpretation! 🙂

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