The next two days will be to honor this woman. My beautiful mother in law who passed almost two weeks ago. I can’t describe the different events and emotions that have taken place since.

But the time with her was notable. It spoke to our souls, and showered us with teachings and stories. In the last 5 years, she showed us an unconditional love and acceptance that we haven’t found with anyone else. No matter the situation and struggles, she who needed more did the raising and lifting of others.

I asked God to please cover me in the Holy Spirit today and tomorrow and shield me from any negatives I feel. Let me be the wife my husband needs and the daughter in law who makes her proud. Let me be blind and deaf to the things which do not show her love, honor, and respect. Truth be told, as ugly as things/people can be, this is for her.

It’s not for or about anyone else. She was beautiful in every being of the word. Her hugs were the best. Her smile and strength to be admired. Notable doesn’t quite cover it. She is etched into our hearts until we meet again.


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3 Responses to Raising

  1. You are such a kind soul and may your mother in lay rest in peace.

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