It’s been a somewhat challenging day at The Nuthouse today. (I do in home childcare)

So I thought I’d try something different for circle time. First, we went outside and got our wiggles out. Then we had snack on a blanket like a picnic in the kitchen.

Now I’ve been working with them daily on the Lord’s prayer. That’s how we open up our circle time. It’s a good way for ALL of us to regroup.

This was the first time I’ve asked them to say it on their own. I’m so proud of them! There really are no words. These are our future disciples. Praise God for innocent hearts, minds, and a thirst for Him.

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2 Responses to Priceless

  1. Nikki Brown says:

    Kammie, you’re amazing with children ( our future disciples)
    You’re such an amazing wife, friend and caregiver.
    Thank you for your posts. Some just really speak to me!!!
    God Bless, sweetums.
    Much love and respect.

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