Which Crown

We often get so caught up in the world and their thoughts and opinions we end up trying to be the person they tell us to be.

We try to wear the crown of perfection, rich in material items, flawlessness. We try to show that we are bestowed in worldly things. We are supposed to believe that the more expensive stuff we have, the more important we are.

But the Bible tells us the opposite. God tells us that to walk in worldly things is to walk against his will. He will not bestow us blessings. And I don’t know about you, but I daily ask for his forgiveness because I want his blessings. I want to wear the crown that he has given me. I want to wear the crown that speaks love and kindness. And he knows I want to wear the crown that speaks forgiveness, even though he knows that’s a struggle for me right now.

But I will get there. We don’t do it alone or of our own strength.


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6 Responses to Which Crown

  1. Forgiving is a tough one. It’s hard to just “turn the other cheek” What grabbed me, and I am still not perfect, was the verse that says if we don’t forgive God won’t forgive us. Made me take pause and think, I better get on this forgiving thing :):) Because the LORD knows I need it. I still stumble with it though, sometimes daily :):) Like a bone, I want to chew on it, suck the marrow out of it, and then chew on it some more. But God is faithful, and will help us get to where He wants us to be :):)

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