Acceptance Disrupted

My mother in law passed away last night. She was a trooper and fought for a very long time. She was fighting before I knew here. I find it interesting that our Bible verse yesterday and devotion centered around living in Heaven. Maybe it was God’s way of helping me prepare to break the news to my kids.

In five years, she not once made my kids and I feel like “stepchildren” or “intruders”. I married into having her bless our lives. She always made sure to tell us she loved us, and that she was proud of us. She got to see our daughter make it to almost 5. I always looked forward to visiting her. The drive was long, but always worth it.

She adored her entire family. She loved hearing and bragging on ALL of her grandchildren and children. She was honest, and I loved her funny remarks. I wish I could have known her longer. Earlier. Deeper. Her history and stories.

You don’t have to know someone your entire life to love them. Not only did we love her, but she showed us a seldom seen unconditional love and grace. Even if she didn’t know it.


My mind feels disrupted as I frantically search for pictures of us and the kids with her. I have many, and yet I can’t see them. I can only find a few. I wish I could laser beam my memories on to picture boards.

She is loved and missed dearly.❤️

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7 Responses to Acceptance Disrupted

  1. Let that unconditional love flow… out of you … acknowledging the beauty that she is .
    Quiet your heart and feel it… open yourself to allowing more and more of this unconditional love to soothe. Know deep that the impact of her unconditional love will resonate…

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  2. Big hugs this is such a warm, loving tribute. I ask God to be with you, and your family, and that He bless you all :):)

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