My friend sent me a picture of the moon coming up where she lives. Up north. Where it’s cold. She mentioned mine should be coming up too.

Yeah, well I looked outside and it was dark. To myself I was wondering what made her think the sun was coming up. I answered according to my discombobulated thought process that no, it had set. ( you know you’re good when you can spell discombobulated correctly the first time)

Her response was one of confusion…cause I had no clue what I was talking about! 😂

So my son helped me locate the moon, since by now I had copped to my mess up. I got the above picture pretty much just for her. Cause she’s a great sharer. Here is hers:

Love the lights. The best part? We lift each other up and there’s no second thought to it. Encouragement goes a long way peeps. As well as unconditional love.

Goodnight my friends.

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