Favorite Amateur

My eyes see and then my brain says go. My focus isn’t always what is assumed, and I don’t always see it the same way twice.

The little details amaze me. I have a walking microscope and it’s one of my favorites. To see things we take for granted. Textures and cycles. Color or none.

I’m fascinated by the intricate details. God made everything. He forgot nothing. How can you argue these things when most days we walk past them without a thought?

I don’t have a super expensive fancy camera with 5 lenses that come on and off. I’d probably lose them if I did. What I do have is an appreciation of the little things.

Like the little eyeballs on this guy. How cool is that? God gave these things a purpose. The dandelions to make wishes. The colors to fill us with joy. I call it, “my piece of peace.” It’s what brings me closer to nature. And HE created it. So pay attention to all things. Not just the ones you can see.

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