A gorgeous calm day walking some back trails around the lake. No noise but nature noises. Birds, squirrels, airplanes occasionally.

This is my vacation. Sure I’d like to go to Germany, Israel, and Ireland. However, immediate gratification takes place in areas like these. I drag my kids too. Although the only grumbling I get is because I stopped, again, to take a picture. They love being outside exploring as well. That in itself lifts my spirits.

I’m taking them back to this spot. Granted I have to find it again. But what better place to capture the things you love the most? Kids, nature, and pictures. If you need fancy I believe it’s called photography. There’s a special spark in my soul when I see something I want to capture. My tastes are not yours. But appreciation of nature will make a fast friend.

Psalm 19:1 says, “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.”

How true is that? I’d much rather be out on an adventure like this than stuck in a skyscraper looking over a city. These beautiful lands that God has given us are slowly declining and it breaks my heart.

Little things too! Really can you just throw your trash where it goes? Do you really need a 5 bedroom house with a pool and movie theater? Realistically no. Before you get huffy, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a nice dwelling. But those are reasons we are seeing more wild animals in our neighborhoods. You can stop there as well. I’m not a crazy activist, but can we just have a little common sense? Ok rant on that done. Sometimes I just can’t contain myself. I’m sure that wasn’t obvious at all.

See, this solitude calls to me. I feel closer to nature, God, and my anxiety levels tend to disappear. I’m calmer and I can breathe easier. I can think clearer. Unless it’s freezing cold, then the only thought is that I’m freezing. If there was a cabin with a wood burning stove in the middle of this I would be there. I don’t like having to come back to street lights, rude people honking their horns, and people grumbling about what they don’t have.

Nature doesn’t ask or demand. We love it and it flourishes. Simplicity. Nature doesn’t get bossy or grumpy. We love it and we flourish.

There’s a book on amazon if you think I’m making it up. You can get it here.

Your Brain On Nature

So don’t ignore the pull when you see an area catching your eye. Let it help you, and in turn help yourself.

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