Pun Intended

Perception, views, outlook, and sight pretty much mean the same thing. It’s all in how you look at things.

It’s your frame of mind. And are you looking through your frame, the world’s frame, or God’s frame? You know I always go there. At least I try to. It’s like talking at myself while I write to you.

I have this list. Ok it’s not written down yet but it’s scrambled in my head. Most likely in messed up order, but let’s pick our battles shall we?

The amazing drawing in the beginning was done by my 10 year old son who just happens to have Combined type ADHD.

If you are not familiar with it, google has it.

This time let’s talk about digestion. As a parent you have to decide when is best for your child to take his medicine. Our kids are different, they take different meds, and many have additional diagnosis alongside ADHD. A mother posted this in a Facebook post today and I personally find it interesting.

I’m not a pharmacist, gastroenterologist, psychiatrist, pediatrician, or medical examiner, or behavior therapist. What I am is a mother who sees her child struggling with things that I can’tfix.

The comments in regard to this posting went from gratitude to some saying it’s ridiculous. So now I will punch you in the head with a few things to consider. Sometimes I’m punny, sometimes not. Oh well. Ok sorry, played with the squirrel.

I for one see absolutely no harm in taking these things out of my son’s diet. I already don’t like Mountain Dew. It’s horrible for anyone. Sprite, pop tarts, etc. are already off the table. Our kids are already geared toward a high carb high sugar diet. Explain why anyone would see a problem eliminating (I have to smile at that word; if you have boys you get it) these things.

See, I’m not gonna try to complicate things by trying to remember the timing of this. If it’s gone, then no worries.

So instead of brushing it aside like citric acid (acid is not a good sounding word anyway) is fine or evil just try not giving this stuff to your kids. It’s not going to kill them (though their behavior sometimes makes us waver momentarily) and you might actually see a difference! If not, no harm, no fowl (had to), and your kid probably ate something better.

Side note-my son will drink clear Gatorade at a friends house and I can see it’s like him drinking a blue or red or yellow one. Does that apply to every kid? Nope. Is he taking the same meds as everyone else? Nope.

This is about finding new ways to help your child, not punish them. It’s not about inconveniencing you as a parent. I get it. Textures, smells, pickiness-it’s a struggle here too. Have something simple because we’re running behind again. I get it. But that’s not giving our kids a good way to continue their eating habits or manage time or learn to make healthy choices.

The battle is real. The clear answers aren’t out there. Yet as parents we need to reach out to others and become our own village. Lord himself has given us these amazing kids for a reason. Maybe we need to finally come together for them.

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  1. Parenting Parrots says:

    I feel like we’re in the same spot. Read my piece here https://parentingparrots.com/2014/04/29/the-crying-mother-2/
    Let me know what you think?

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