Read the Ingredients

I’m just going to make this one short because, they’ll be plenty to follow. This is my 10-year-old. He’s smart, generous, helpful, loving, extremely creative, and disorganized. We also struggle with Combined Type ADHD.

There are sooooooooooo many things to touch on, but at this moment I’m touching on sugar.

Most of us will not turn away from a sweet treat. I have to with my new eating habits but that’s for another time. A nice reward on a Friday evening when there’s nothing particular going on is an added bonus for my son. He rarely gets sweets and I have cut out all blue, red, and yellow dyes. It has also helped with the dental visits since we enter battles of tooth brushing.

Some people and doctors say added sugar has no effect on a child’s behavior who suffers with ADHD. Well folks, that for us personally is just not true.

My son with medication is all of those wonderful things I listed, but without it he’s literally doing parkour on the walls. He will do 27 ninja kicks/spins to walk from the table to get a spoon-12 feet away. Add in extra sugar and/or dye and you can multiply that by 3 times. That doesn’t include the rerouting to almost pull the fridge over, jump on the couch, and then suddenly have a massive meltdown because he hurt himself.

It’s not that simple. These meltdowns are overwhelming for him, can last for an extended amount of time, and include a frightening amount of anger. Most of these kids do not understand the consequences of their actions until after the fact. It’s absolutely heartbreaking.

So when I have to be helicopter mom, which is often, he’s not ingesting these items. There are days he will come home from school or a friends house and in the first five minutes I will ask him what he’s had to eat or drink. It is truly that obvious the sensitivity that he has.

Is every child with ADHD affected by sugar and dye? Not necessarily. And unfortunately there are some who have no reprieve or lessening of symptoms when this is removed from their diet. And I pray for these families because it is hard.

One of the hardest things is getting other people to stick to these rules when your child is in their care. And it’s simply because they don’t understand the consequences. They think it’s as easy saying you are not disciplining correctly. Ugh, don’t get me started.

You should read this article from ADDitutde magazine. Which is awesome by the way. Both the magazine in the article.

The following book has some great recipes!  A high protein low carb way of eating can make a huge difference in behavior.  The following book has some great recipes for all to enjoy.  I wouldn’t say it “cures” the disorder-ADHD is a brain thing.  Yet healthy eating can have a positive outcome


And please if you have any new suggestions or different things that have worked for you or others, I would love to hear them! It takes a village!

I John 4:11 Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.

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2 Responses to Read the Ingredients

  1. Parenting Parrots says:

    See this is also my battle, what I’ve viewed as ADHD children and what you have described isn’t my son but yet he is also diagnosed with this. You are so right though when others seem to think you just need to be stricter. I’ve tried the feingold diet. I loved it but couldn!’the afford to maintain it. 😦

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    • I haven’t tried any particular diet per say. Like you said, it’s very costly. I took away the foods with dye and we pretty much have no sugary stuff in the house. (My behind is grateful lol). I try to increase his protein and veggies. Carbs are a battle because that what his body craves. When he was diagnosed, I learned that this diagnosis is ever evolving. It presents differently at different ages and changes as well as they get older. Don’t try to compare. What are his symptoms?


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