Gut Wrenching

Count them. Six brilliant blackberries laid out in the middle of my plate. Six beautiful bites of freshness that could send me running for Benedryl and/or the emergency room.

Irritable Bowel/Non-moving Intestine



Life Altering Environmental Allergies To Food


Anxiety Disorder

I’m sure I’m missing something. Oh boy.

I swell up in my stomach so bad I look like I’m about to drop a ten pound newborn. You think I’m kidding. I wish I was. In my early twenties I would go to a doctor monthly to get injections in my stomach to numb the nerves to help control the pain. Not one or two; more like 20-35 per visit. Man it was no fun. When it didn’t get better, they said I needed a pyschiatrist cause it was all in my head. Obviously it was, as I waddled out. I’ve seen gastro doctors for years. Now, I have a middle intestine mobility problem. Or so they think. It appears my intestines fall asleep. That definitely could cause some back up issues.

I grew up eating fresh fruits a vegetables. I prefer them. And oh my gravy how I miss them terribly! Now they cause heartburn, and/or a rush for medicine or the ER. If you have read from the beginning, you know cantaloupe could kill me. Four pitted cherries cause my throat and tongue to swell and my voice starts to change. Most uncooked veggies cause the same plus my tongue to breakout in bumps. It almost resembles the top of a lego. Ridiculous. The allergist said Since I can eat most vegetables cooked, it’s an environmental allergy. Which means all the new pesticides and chemicals that people said could harm you were in a sense telling you the truth.

Throw in a few more autoimmune disorders and anxiety…well you can see how a person can get discouraged.

Fast forward to nothing helping with any of these issues and you can see how depression can creep in. Happy Dance.

Well, I have this really smart niece who has done a lot of hard work in her own desire to heal herself and her family. So I finally listened. And as she begins her own blog to share these amazing recipes I will be able to share those with you as well. I’m getting better at figuring out what I can and cannot have. It has a name. But honestly I have to go look it up and get back to you.

In a nut shell your healing your gut. You’re starting over and resetting your body. I’m not sure how many of you have heard of leaky gut, you should totally look it up. I had my wonderful niece to explain it to me in terms I could understand.

I don’t have all the answers. And I harass her probably on a daily basis because it holds myself accountable and I’m always learning. I’m now taking probiotics daily, and working to come up with new ideas for dinner and snacks.

I definitely can say that in the last 2 1/2 weeks I’m finally seeing a difference in my stomach swelling. I have not cheated once. And that says a lot since I’m the only one in my house choosing to change the way I eat. Fortunately, most of the others do not have the autoimmune issues that I do. I’d like to be able to incorporate this for everyone though just overall because it’s better for you. I’m not a nutritionist, I’m far from being an expert or even calling myself very knowledgeable. I’m not doing this alone. But that’s a very important part of this journey. Do not do this alone. Not saying you can’t, but my biggest advocate has been my niece. And that support is what helps motivate.

So I was able to finally eat six blackberries… and taste them in their own greatness. Not mixed with yogurt, or cooked. I tried a few cooked raspberries last week and I’m not there yet. Patience is not my strength. But I have some hope.

The two recipes above were such a surprise of health and good taste. Like I didn’t gag. I could’ve had more. And who knew (not me) that sweet potatoes were this awesome! I look forward to sharing her creations and the little goofy things I figure out on my own!

you should totally subscribe to both of us. I do my rant weird squirrel thing. She does the yummy food information thing. You really can’t go wrong.

Here’s the link to her chocolate mousse.

Let’s journey together,

Mama Squirrel

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2 Responses to Gut Wrenching

  1. jhansen4808 says:

    Love your commitment to healing. You’re doing an amazing job!


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