I am great at….

We’re always talking about our flaws or insecurities. Most of us don’t go around bragging on ourselves. There’s a huge difference in arrogant pride and humility at your gifts. But sometimes our gifts need to be tweaked. I realized one of my biggest gifts that I need to fine tune is…..drumroll….

My facial expressions when I have a conversation with someone who is a cinnamon roll short of the icing. Don’t get me wrong: I’m full of empathy and sympathy and compassion and I can put on a great poker face.

Unless you say and/do something completely off the planet of common sense. Now I say this realizing I’ve probably been given this look and I didn’t notice right away. Until later. When I start questioning myself and my anxiety goes into overdrive. Ok that’s another squirrel for another time…

I think I’ve even…no I’m positive I have done this one…

Cause the garbage coming out of the other side of that person’s brain..well it makes you make THAT “really?” face of disbelief.

Some of the twisting and storytelling and lies and justifications that can come from another person when they are just in denial about their crazy behavior. Yep I said crazy.

We’ve all had our moments. Gossip, white lies, fibbing or whatever you call it. It’s not ok by any means. But if you tell me I wore something blue when not only do I know it was green (cause I got a picture of me wearing it from the same day!) and you call me a liar well you get this….

Cause at that point my face has a mind of its own. Sometimes my mouth follows, but it’s gotten soooooo much better! Kudos Holy Spirit for conviction! Not sure how to tweak this gift. Maybe turn around and make the face? Maybe look like a deer in the headlights? (Personally I think that one is just as bad)

What I’m trying to do is pray during the conversation for direction. Obviously, I’m not listening as well as I should. But I’m working on it.

I’d love to hear your ideas or what gifts you need to work on! How can we turn them into something used for His kingdom. Tough question I know!!

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2 Responses to I am great at….

  1. jeniferlivesey says:

    I need to think of others more than I do. Also need to work on loving myself more.

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