Unlimited Memories

My phone rang in the middle of the day today. As soon as I saw the name I Knew. I almost didn’t answer but that would have been nothing short of selfishness. In truth, it was denial. No answer, no bad news.

My grandmother has always come across strong. And in this phone call, as I could hear her voice trying not to waver, in that strength she gave me the news about my grandfather. He is suffering no more as of yesterday afternoon.

I’m sure there will be a part two of this story as I sort through the roller coaster emotions. He was my last living grandpa. He took me camping when I was little up in the Colorado mountains. He scolded me at 16 for making a poor decision. But what I remember is that he’s always been kinda behind the scenes in my memories. My grandma is front and center. I don’t say that in a negative manner at all. They went through so much together and not once can I recall them raising their voices to one another. He cherished her like Christ loved the church. My grandparents on my moms side were the same. Four of the most solid people in my life are now only one.

I know this seems to be bouncing everywhere. Not too uncommon for me, but maybe more so than normal. I’m grasping because the reality hurts. The blessing is that he’s not in anymore pain, but my mind races to my grandma and her well being.

I can’t think straight now, but will come back. Please keep my family in your prayers.

Love you Grandpa.

*in loving memory of Dan Taylor

*photo courtesy of my Uncle Bruce

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