I found this on Instagram. There was no author given. I wish I could meet the ordinary and brilliant person who thought of this.

Some people are great at not giving a flying monkey what other people think of them. It’s not an ego issue, it’s that they know how great their self worth is. Confidence, not self righteousness is a great quality.

I have some good qualities. Unfortunately, I care about those flying monkeys more than I should. It’s something I struggle with all of the time. The second someone stops texting, responding to them, blocking me on social media, I am in instant panic mode.

What did I do? How did I offend them?

Why in the world do I care???

Cause I’m a stinking people pleaser and I don’t want to let anyone down or disappoint them. But it’s going to happen. I’m going to mess up. It’s really up to them how they react, and then it’s up to ME how I respond. Or not respond.

There’s a time when I have to learn to walk away and choose to give this stress and confusion to God. I can be a very slow learner.

And I let people’s views of me, opinions, wether correct or not determine how I look at myself. Trust me, I know that seems strange. It’s something based on life events that have shaped me. Change is hard. Not caring or giving things a second or hundredth thought to what another may or may not think of me is like asking a policeman not to give you a speeding ticket-when you were clearly going 110mph instead of 55.

That may have been a run on. Oh well. Point made.

Self love is taught. Self worth is built up by those who should love you unconditionally. Unfortunately, man’s world can pretty much suck and screw that up.

And then we have God. Made in His image. How unsettling to think that we have let man’s view of us skew God’s image of us. He doesn’t block us, ignore us, justify behavior, gossip, or turn away from us. He accepts us when we come to Him. No matter how broken, he forgives us and gives us another chance. Unlike man who holds grudges, He wraps us in his mercy. Why can we not give ourselves the same grace and gentleness?

We are children of the most high King. We should pray and work toward seeing ourselves as the most precious gifts that He made us.

It’s something we should do together. So shall we?

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