What’s Your Disability?

shut-your-mouthI hope everyone is ready for Jesus to return.  Cause this world is screwed up!  No one wants to hear the truth, no one wants to be responsible, and everyone wants to blame someone else.  Are you flipping kidding me?  I don’t let my kids say this to people, but SHUT UP ALREADY! (I typed it I didn’t speak it out loud)


You people running around destroying historic monuments, complaining about a flag, whining about the President; you are WRONG!  First, for destroying property that does not belong to you.  No one gave you the “right” to defame property.  No, it does not fall under freedom of speech.  Second, go read your history and get the information on the truth regarding the confederate flag.  I am so tired of this ridiculous battle.  Third, I didn’t care for Mr. Obama, but I didn’t march and hurt people and the police cause I didn’t get my way!

If you are throwing a temper tantrum over these things, you need to grow the pickles up!  (Feel free to replace the word pickles as you see fit in your reading of that sentence.)

I don’t care what color you are, you are not even close to being 150 years old.  THAT being said, you were not a slave.  I was not a slave owner.  Neither race currently has any grounds to try to throw that at the other.  Wanna know why it’s an issue? Cause you don’t got anything better to do. Because these “groups” have only one goal and that is to cause mayhem.  You are not setting a better example for future generations.  You are not making a positive impression on society.  You are a pain in the backside of those of us trying to make this world a better place for our families.

Here’s the truth:  if you are out spray-painting historic statues, peoples cars, yards, houses, you ain’t working.  You are not making money. You are not making an impact on your situation. You probably stole (yep I said it) the paint you are using to abuse someone else’s property.  I can say that because those who are participating in these events are whining about being unemployed. So if you are not working, you are not making money, and items you are using are from you choosing to be a thief.  That covers you if you are black, white, brown, or purple.

Those of you who are a part of the “marches” and “rallies” to support your cause?  Last I checked, peaceful protesting does not involve guns, fire, rocks, gas, bats, sticks, or any other form of weapon you are carrying and choosing to use during the partaking of your “standing up for my rights” show.  Peaceful protesting does NOT involve killing anyone.  That means police, authority figures, homeless people, children, soldiers, need I go on?

People are out there acting STUPID when we have people fighting overseas to protect their freedom to act like idiots.  People are out there acting STUPID by wrecking other peoples things, and going home when they are done.  They go back to sleep in a home, that has power and probably a/c and heat.  People are out there acting like a selfish child when we got families sleeping on the street.  There are families that will not eat today, or tomorrow.  We got people who are starving to death, riddled with disease, can’t afford healthcare, elderly being abused and neglected, hundreds of abortions everyday, drugs in our schools, and you are crying cause you don’t feel like you are getting enough?  When is the last time you suffered any of these things?

You know what else?  I will love you if you are gay.  I will love you if you are transgender.  I will love you if you are battling addiction and need help.  Jesus tells me to.  But I DO NOT have to agree that you being gay is ok.  I DO NOT have to agree that you are a girl when God made you a boy, or vice versa.  I DO NOT have to stop celebrating my Christian Faith because YOU are offended. Love the sinner, hate the sin.  Get over yourselves! You wanna be gay?  Ok.  But I’m in disbelief that you think it’s okay to walk the streets with your private hanging out for all to see, including children.  And you parents who take your children to these things and think it’s ok to show them an adults vagina or penis out in the open?  That is nothing less than childe abuse.   Where is your brain? You really think taking a child to story time at the library to listen to a cross dresser speak is going to make them successful?  I am just devastated at the ignorance.

When you become an adult, what you choose to do is your business.  But don’t walk around trying to force me to be ok with it, and hide my relationship with my God.  My God loves you, but you are living in sin.  My God has the ability to restore you, but he will also condemn you if you don’t change your ways.  My God knows when you are walking around trying to profess being a Christian, when behind closed doors you are addicted to porn, selling drugs, abusing your family, stealing money, and just simply not living in HIM.

There is no such thing as perfection.  But that Perfection suffered and died for you!  How dare you disregard the grace and forgiveness you have received.  This mama is angry at how the world is walking with the devil and proclaiming to be a follower of God.  People time is running out!

Stop thinking you need to be something the world tells you to be, and start being who GOD created you to be!  Stop letting your “friends” and society tell you what is acceptable, when God gave you those rules already in HIS book.  (That would be the BIBLE in case you were not aware.)

I am scared for my children.  I am scared for my family and my friends and their children.  Stop moaning and groaning about things we were not on this planet to be a part of.  Stop complaining about being offended cause you don’t like my God but want me to love yours.  Stop whining about the minimum wage when you refuse to get a job.  Stop griping about God not being faithful in your finances when you refuse to give God your faith and tithe.  Stop boohooing about your steak not being cooked right when your neighbor can’t buy groceries. Get some self reflection going!   There are more pressing issues going on!

Philippians 2:3

Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.

James 3:14-16

But if you have bitter jealousy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast and be false to the truth.  This is not the wisdom that comes down from above, but it earthly, unspiritual, demonic. For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there will be disorder and every vile practice.

2 Timothy 3:1-5, Ephesians 4:29-32, Luke 16:13




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