Behind the Medicine

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I have not had a moment for a long time.  Even now, it will be short.  But since I have been away, I have had to start and adjust my son’s ADHD medication.  On top of many other obstacles, this is one of the hardest.  Simply because while he and I have support, it’s not from people we see every single day.  In our home.  And I am frustrated beyond belief. I am trying so hard to continue to encourage my son who, if you have a child with any kind of diagnosis along these lines, is not always very easy.  Will he react well or will the world fall apart?  Did he eat what he was supposed to or did he sneak something I won’t find out about for a week?  Should I worry that he wants to spend time alone?  My social butterfly?  Those are just in the first 10 minutes of him returning home from school.

He’s hurting, confused, and uncomfortable.  He doesn’t feel like he can be himself.  I support it, to a healthy limit of course.  Some around us want him to be someone he is not.  And it’s in the same home.  He doesn’t feel like he can please anyone.  Yet he is so smart and funny and creative.  And yes there are those moments where I wonder if I am doing enough, or the right thing at all.  I get stressed and overwhelmed when he is in full on mode, and I find myself getting riled up.  Which of course does not help anyone.  I am getting better, but some days….

We have breathing exercises.  He does mindfulness at school.  Anyone have any other suggestions?  I know about the essential oils, and we have cut dye and most sugar out of our diet.  I really just want to help him be his best.

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