Check Yourself

img_3109Mom and dad met.  I was born.  I had children.  I am married.  None of this I did on my own, and neither did you.  We are each guided by either God or the Enemy.  Seriously, take a look at the dumb stuff you have done.  We all have.  But God planned our existence.  He knows what plan he has for us.  There is a point where we have to decide which way we are going to choose.



I can tell you some stories.  Although I wish I couldn’t.  Poor choices.  Choices I desperately don’t want to see any of my children make.  I can tell you though there were times I could have screwed up severely.  I can also tell you that at those moments, I chose differently.  Because somehow the Holy Spirit said I shouldn’t.  Thank you Jesus!

Fast forward to the present and I am so grateful to have come full circle back to my Lord and Savior.  I love to remind everyone that I know I am far from perfect.  But I know that everything comes from God.  I can write, I can help with homework, I love the elderly, I love to feed people, and I adore my friends and family!  That comes from God.  Yes much of it is also come from my life and experiences.  But I have no one to thank but God himself for my eyes being open to it.

So while I can say I did something, I can only say that I did it while giving Him all the glory.  I want to fulfill his plan for me.  Many times, it is not clear what that is.  That is where faith comes in.  Our walks have their ups and downs.  But if we don’t give credit where it is due, we will not be blessed.  We will not be given all of the wonderful things he has for us.  Don’t let that ego/pride get in your way. It can, and it takes perseverance to overcome it.

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