From The Hearts of Babes

img_2895This probably won’t be a very long post.  The picture says it all.  I try to incorporate God into every aspect of my children’s lives.  I am not perfect, I don’t claim to be.  Pretty sure I covered that already?  If not, then there you have it.  I may have seen a few squirrels. I do my best not to be judgmental, and if I have that human moment I am saved by the Holy Spirit kicking me in the face.  Really.  Sometimes we can all just be so stubborn.



My kids are hearing me.  Not just the parts where I tell them to pick up their socks, do their homework, wash their stinky feet, or pick up the dog poo.  Because if you are a parent, you probably already know how well those conversations can go.

I do wonder if I am doing it right.  I think if you are a good parent you are constantly asking yourself that question.  And if you have anxiety, you overanalyze everything you are doing.  Maybe not at the moment, but it comes back to greet you at 2:30am when all you wanted to do was get up, pee, and go back to sleep. (Not happening)

I wasn’t brought up in church.  I went here and there with family, or friends from school.  It was infrequent.  I remember riding the church bus on Sunday’s cause no one in my home went.  I can look back now and see that God had a calling for me to go to him, but it went unnourished and therefore only made appearances over the years.  But I can look back at moments as well and know that choices I did make were from the Holy Spirit.  Obviously I did not know all of that then, but man I wish I had been more in tune!

At the end of the chaos, Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.  I will see him again in heaven. And knowing how cruel this world is, I wanted to make sure my children did not have to question things the way I did.  Will that time come?  Maybe.  But they are obviously more immersed and more in love with Him than I could fathom. My daughter told me that saying in the picture tonight.  Out of the blue. My oldest son prays over his food no matter where we are.  My other son is becoming involved in learning scripture for church. I am not completely screwing up.  For that, eternally grateful does not begin to cover it.




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3 Responses to From The Hearts of Babes

  1. Debbie Yager says:

    From the mouths of babes!

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  2. Love this. Thanks for posting, and thanks for the follow! 🙂


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