Righteous Entitlement

img_1487There are just some things that make me really angry.  There are some things that I have had to learn are not worth being angry over.  It does nothing but upset myself, send my anxiety through the roof, and once that starts it is difficult not to let it overflow in to the rest of my day.  And then other people can feel it permeating off of me.  That is not what I want.  And frankly, neither does God.


We are in a hurry at the grocery store, and the checkout line is not moving fast enough.  To us.  The person driving in front of us is too slow, does not use their blinker, doesn’t know how to drive.  To us.  The person who took our order for food, wherever it may be, messed it up.  To us.  Now stop and think how you respond in those situations.  Most of the time people get down right crazy angry.  Not just annoyed and move on.  They spend not just that moment complaining and being angry, but will fuss and complain about the incident the rest of the day.  Or even longer.  Days.  Months.  Even years.

It has been a long time, but there was a time when I responded to anger towards me with anger back.  I don’t mean just raising my voice.  I mean screaming, yelling, dropping not so nice words.  I was awful.  I thought that if I fought back the same way, that person would hear me better.  Just in case you haven’t noticed, yelling back at someone who is yelling at you gets you NOWHERE.  They are not listening because they are too busy yelling so you will hear them.  Definition of insanity right there my friends.  I can say with God and his followers who came into my life, I am SO much better.  Do I always get it right?  No because I am human and I fail. I rarely drop a “dirty” word these days, and I tend to just sit and listen to the opposing party.  It does me no good to get ugly back.  Here’s what you have to learn. There are people who will not be happy with ANY response you give them.  You can cry, talk, scream, write it down but none of it will be okay.  That’s because this person refuses to look in the mirror and accept responsibility for their behavior.  It’s the easy way.

Changing your own behavior and responses to someone else’s is not easy, and it is quite humbling.  Thank you Lord for you grace and forgiveness.  It’s hard work, but wow is it worth it.  For your health, and those around you that you love.  Remember, you will fail.  Recognizing it so you can ask forgiveness and not revisit that again is where you will find your growth.

Some people think you have a “right” to be angry at things.  And to a point they are correct. With anything, it depends on if you are looking at the world’s definition, or God’s definition. Wikipedia defines righteous anger as “a typical reactive emotion of anger over mistreatment, insult, or malice.  It is akin to what is called the sense of injustice.”   Based on that definition, we all the green light for Righteous Anger. God says things just a little differently.

We have the right to be angry over SIN/EVIL.  Sins such as pornography, abuse of any kind, racism, sex trafficking  of children, etc.  These are things that we have permission per say to be righteously angry about.  They are against God.  Even he gets mad at these things. I have found in looking into this subject in the Bible that people who claim they have a right to be “righteously angry” with something you did that got them upset, well they don’t really have anything to fall back on.  What I see in His word is that we are NOT to be hateful and angry toward others.  That we need not to run our mouths so easily.  We have to control the way we respond so that we can do our best to react in a Godly manner. (Hard for us mother bears sometimes)

Proverbs 12:16  NCV  “Fools quickly show that they are upset, but the wise ignore insults.”

Romans 12:19 NCV  “I will punish those who do wrong; I will repay them says the Lord.”

We are in need handing it over to God.  It is only He who can truly punish the wrong. So let’s work together to hold each other accountable.  I am so in!  Are you?

James 1:19-20


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