False Convictions

fingers-crossed“I am so sorry I punched you in the face!”  Even though that hardly seems like an accident, you forgive.  You move on.  At least you try to. There’s a part of you that is hesitant because you just KNOW it’s going to happen again.  You are waiting for it.  Then you realize if you wait for it, you are not in the right Spirit. A little time goes by and you let your guard down and allow yourself to be vulnerable again.  BAM!  And just like that, the left hook you forced yourself to forget about just knocked you into the corner and on to the ground. 

There is a huge difference in saying your sorry and actually being sorry.  Many people say they are sorry because, well, lets be honest:  They got caught. They got busted being a not so very nice ugly demeaning person.(we have all had a moment like that.)  And someone called them on their crap.  They will deny and deny until they realize that the person or persons they intentionally hurt is not going to listen to the garbage any more.  Then the fear of exposure sets in, and they reluctantly apologize.  There is a reason it’s not believed.  Because history will repeat itself.  They have done nothing to prove otherwise.  End result is that you can’t be sorry for something if you continue to do it.  A person cannot be sorry for two days or a week and then act in the same manner again.  I am not a doctor, but I do have common sense.

2 Corinthians 7:10 “Godly sorrow produces an unregretted repentance”  I like how Ron Graham says it.  Repentance is a change of heart.  Without that, saying sorry is meaningless.   Matthew 3:8 “Bear fruit in keeping with repentance”  Ron Graham explains it like this; You must do something to prove you have changed your heart and are truly sorry.  My guess is that continuing the same hurtful behavior shows just the opposite.  I don’t want to repeat his entire article, so I will provide it.  It is very eye opening and worth the read.  If you don’t like to read, it’s not too long so you can’t use that as an excuse. Wink, wink.

So really if you are going to say sorry, make sure you not only say it the person you hurt, but confess it to God as well.  And don’t keep doing it.  That doesn’t show remorse.  It shows ego and a lack of empathy to everyone else.






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One Response to False Convictions

  1. Yes! Apologies are just words- Repentance requires action!

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