Do We Really Get It?


Tomorrow is turkey day. Some call it “let’s get fat who cares” day.  (that would be me) Most of us see it as an opportunity to spend quality time with family that we don’t normally get to see.  That could be a result of not living nearby or having a crazy work schedule.  For a lot of people though, it’s about simply not making time.




We say we are thankful for all of these different things.  Material things especially.  UGH!  Drives me nuts!  When I say material things, I am talking about things that are wants not needs.  We all have them.  But some place them over everything else.  Some think that the more material items you have, the better social status you have.  Ummm not really.  That’s your insecurity speaking.

It’s all over social media-be thankful for those who can’t be with their families due to their careers.  Before you start gabbing, I totally agree.  Kudos to those who are willing to do what we are not.  Our first responders, nurses and doctors, military, you name it. If you have learned anything about me, you know that is as sincere as it could possibly get.

Yet I think we tend to forget about the people who don’t have friends or families.  The ones who live in a cardboard box or a tent or maybe even their car.  The ones who may or may not make it to the local shelter in time to get a meal.  And that is on a daily basis-not just holidays. This is a daily struggle for them.  So when we say we are thankful, do we do it with the FULL understanding that we really should be on our knees daily thanking God for his blessings?  Do we just do it with a shoulder shrug and pretend these other things don’t exist?  Many do.  I believe at some point we all do.  Out of sight out of mind, because it is hard and sobering.  Unfortunately in this day in age, many people are just too dang selfish to care.  That’s not saying we can’t live our lives, reach for our dreams, accomplish our goals.  God has a plan for every single one of us.  But somewhere in that plan, it is just not about us.  We are not here just for ourselves.

So tomorrow when you are with your loved ones, say a prayer for those who are alone and hungry.  Those who barely have enough blankets to stay warm or food to keep them alive for one more day.  Pray for those who may have a roof over their head, but will be having cereal to eat.  Maybe.  Please, really get it.  Thanksgiving is to focus on appreciating the little things.  It’s not about getting ready for the black Friday shopping.  Spending $30 on a sweater may feed a family of 4 for two days. Seriously, let that sink in.  Your wardrobe that has to be of the latest fashion, may cost more than a family has at the end of the week for groceries.  If your basic needs are met, you should be praising and thanking God every moment of every day.  And if that’s the case, reach out and love on someone who doesn’t see anything to be thankful for.  Sadly, there are too many.

Let’s not only thank Him for our blessings, but let us be one as well.

1 Thessalonians 5:18

“thankful in everything, in all circumstances.”

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