Your Words Destroy (Oct 2016)


Let’s make this short and sweet.  Forgiveness is given because if we do not, we will not be forgiven by our Heavenly Father.  It is not an excuse or free pass to the person who has hurt you or continues to pound you down.  The hardest thing is stopping yourself from falling down to that person’s level of ignorance.  Most of us will do it though.  It’s hard when you try to walk away, stop the conversation and the other person refuses to move on, give you time to think, and just makes crazy accusations because they are not listening.  You feel this overwhelming need to defend yourself and your opinion.  They will use everything from your past to your current hurts to hurl at you.  You will become the bad guy.

Please remember that if your actions follow scripture, and you are asking God forgiveness for you failings, you will have accepted the biggest hurdle.  Doesn’t matter that you are told how unbiblical you are.  Many people use scripture in a twisted way to make you feel crazy and wrong.

Your words may be forgiven, but the damage has been done.  If you continually tell people how worthless they are and how miserable they make you, you are the one that people are praying for.  We all fail, but God does not give us grace to use as a scapegoat.  Don’t blame others for you lack of relationship with God.  Your painful words wound and cause irreparable damage in trust.  Unless you repent, ask forgiveness, and change your ways, you will not get better.  We are called to love.  We are not called to make others be like us.

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