Don’t Slip Into Crazy (Oct 2016)


God sacrificed his one and only son so that we may be washed of all our sins.  Forgiven.  It even covers current times.  As a believer, we are called to repent and ask God to forgive us.  I do it daily.  Because I fail Him daily.  We all do.  What he did not do is tell us that even though he loves us regardless of our screw ups, we have the right to act like him.  We do not have permission to play God and tell other people that we are better than them.  We do not have his okay to point out everyone else’s faults and flaws while we ignore the ones we should be fixing when we glare back at the sinner in the mirror.  To expect another person to do things just like you is ignorant and selfish.  Belittling someone because they don’t have the same strengths as you is wrong and abusive.  Many people do not like that word, especially the ones who are guilty of it.  They will accuse, but not recognize the very abuse they are putting other people through.

We are told in His word to bring attention when a brother or sister is being disobedient.  If they do not listen, then we are to seek the wisdom of elders.  If they still do not listen we are to keep trying.  And that folks is when many give up.  At that point, we must continue to do what we have hopefully been doing the whole time.  Pray for that individual. If they fail to see the error of their ways, it is up to them and God.

You can’t hold yourself responsible for the anger and evil some people feel the need to push down on you.  You can’t fight their demons for them.  You may have tried to point them out to your emotional and mental exhaustion, but it will do no good.  And when your mind starts to wonder if you are the one at fault, seek Him.  You did not form these battles.  And you are trying to help, but you can’t help someone who refuses to see. The hardest part is trying to love someone so much that you want them to see how much they are hurting other people.  They do it behind closed doors because they know somewhere in their mind they are not doing what is right.  The outside world is oblivious to the pain they bring others in their private world.

While you can only pray for them unending, you must put yourself in His word so as not to be sucked into the black hole as well.  Jesus loves us all.  No matter what. If you find yourself acting in ways you normally wouldn’t, then you are holding on to the anger that is being transferred into your heart.  Fight it.  Seek help.  Reach out.  This doesn’t make you weak, no matter what the world may say.  It takes a very strong and humble person to ask for assistance, guidance, and prayer.  YOU ARE LOVED.

With all of that being said, how can I pray for you today?

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