White Lies Multiplied (April 2016)


Oh those times when you tell your child “maybe next time” knowing full well you are going to avoid taking them back to that place for a long time.  Instead, you pawn them off on a grandparent or friend so you can go all alone.  As a parent, you have, and while we can justify it we still stink.  We lied. We did not want to deal with the drama.  I get it.  Does not make it right, but I get it.



My favorite is when someone tells another person how to act/clean up/respond in life, telling them people will look at them like losers if they don’t do things like them.  And then they do exactly what they complained about everyone else doing/saying/thinking.  Maybe even breathing.  Not kidding.  People can be beyond ridiculous.  They think everyone should be treated the same in all circumstances because they believe they know all the answers. If you disagree, you are a moron. They believe that they are so far above another person in status, the rest of us are morons.  Morons that pick our nose at the red light and flick it on the car next to us from the crack in the window.  You scrunch your nose, but you have a person who came to your mind when you read that.  Don’t worry, it’s all good.

definition of hypocrite according to the Urban Dictionary:

  1. A person who engages in behavior he condemns others for
  2. A person who professes certain ideals, but fails to live up to them
  3. A person who holds other people to higher standards than he holds himself

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So as you ponder those people you come in contact with that seem to fit this definition, first check yourself and make sure  you are not making the same mistake.  People who suffer from this will tell you your points are not valid, you could never understand, any put down to make you question your own beliefs and values.  They will even attempt to use pieces of scripture against you because they can make it fit their own agenda.  So find the scripture they are attempting to smash you with.  Read the entire passage, the before and after.  Chances are something got left out.  If you do not fully understand the scripture, then do as God would tell you and seek wise council.

It gets frustrating and sometimes down right impossible for us to hold our tongue when the devil brings out those lovely qualities in someone we know or love.  The best part is when you attempt to give them some of their own medicine, thinking they will “get it” and by the end of the conversation, you are the crazy hypocrite who needs to be medicated and locked up.  Or whatever scenario they throw at you.  In that moment, you will want to scream, curse, cry, run, throw something, or maybe all of the above.  Maybe you already have.  You will feel the weight of their demons on your heart, and try to take responsibility in some way for it.  You will try to reason, explain, show facts-all to no avail.  Because they do not respect anyone other than themselves.  So how the heck to do you deal with these impossible human beings?  (Don’t forget that you yourself can be impossible at times as well)

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We give it to God.  We do it mostly unwillingly because we want to prove something to this person.  We fight it because human instinct wants to be right.  However, only one person can determine the right or wrong of another.  That is our all mighty God.  So once again we have to find ourselves on our knees in prayer, calling out. We need to thank God for giving us the strength to endure, and ask him for wisdom and guidance in how to conduct ourselves in these situations.  We have to pray for that person specifically that God will help unleash the enemy’s grasp.  And while you will be disappointed, that is all you can do.  You are not in a place to judge.  Hard as it may be.  Hard as it can be even if you know you are sharing God’s word correctly.  As long as you are following God’s word, and you know the truth, it’s all you need.  When we are unsatisfied in that, then we need to put ourselves back into his word.  Lest we find ourselves acting like that which we despise and God despises.  I sure don’t want God to despise my actions.  I have to answer to him already-let us not make it worse.  Speak the truth, live the truth.


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