Time to be Real (June 2016)


Swallowing your pride is hard.  No one likes to apologize for acting like a butt to someone else.  Yet we all do it, and we all need to swallow that pill and do the right thing.  If your apology is sincere, that’s all you can do.  But the important thing is that you do it!  There are times and people who no matter what, will refuse to accept the apology and will hold it against you for the rest of your life.  Unfortunately for them, they will be miserable.  Shoot, in turn, they will try to make you miserable!

It’s easy to notice things that are not right morally and point them out.  However, pointing them out requires you to hold everyone accountable for your judgment. Which by the way is not your job.  Though you think it to be, God says otherwise.  Want to argue with him?  Have fun with that. You just can’t go around treating people like poop and then get mad when someone else does the same thing.  Just typing that sentence did not make sense.  Because it is wrong.  It is WRONG.  It is not okay to point out a focus on fixing it.

One of the best ways to fix yourself from being a butt face is to repent, and for good biscuits and gravy let the Holy Spirit in! (I will share the keys to that in my next post-straight from the most recent sermon at our church)  I can tell you there have been a number of times I did not want to be nice to someone.  I did not want to speak to someone.  Why the heck should I do anything for them?  They treated me or someone I love like bug guts, showed others how to treat me or loved ones in the same manner, and you want me to do what?  Be nice?  I wanted to vomit.  Sometimes I still do.  It really made me sick to my stomach.  However, even though I didn’t want to I did it anyway.  I obeyed-the Holy Spirit was guiding me to be the better person.  By be the better person, I mean love like Jesus.  Since we are being real, it’s not easy.  The Holy Spirit was encouraging me to set an example to others by following God’s word.  I seriously stood in the room and spoke out loud to God, questioning why.  Yeah, I lost that battle before it began.  And yet the Holy Spirit didn’t budge.  And I am so grateful.  I begrudgingly did the right thing.  Then I knew by the way my heart responded that I had been obedient.  And I asked God for forgiveness because who was I to argue with him?  Oops!  One of the best things about our Lord is that every day is a new one.  The slate wiped clean.  It’s so hard wrap your head around if you think about it.  He made us in his image, but we sure do not give a clean slate every day.  Obviously, we need to.  Forgiveness.

I can’t change the cruddy way people treat others.  I can and do pray for them.  I would be lying if I said I was never grumpy or come across rude to people.  I do my best to fix it if can.  Most of the time it’s not intentional, but that’s no excuse.  I tell my kids that all the time, and I need to live by the same standards.  I pray all the time for God to give me the guidance and wisdom he wants me to have in these situations.

If you catch yourself or realize you have been not so nice to someone, suck it up and apologize.  I promise, not only will you feel better for fessing up, you are letting the Holy Spirit have a bigger place in your heart.fault you don’t care for in one person, and then excuse it in another.  I believe it is called a double standard.  Hypocrisy.  I have even heard the term D-bag. Those are the nice definitions. I will let you go down that rabbit hole.  Point is, how dare you expect others to follow the Golden Rule when you yourself do not.  We all mess up.  The key is to not continue messing up in the same way.  We may slip once in a while yet it should stop there.  The first thing you have to do is admit that you are part of the problem.  Yeah, I know that sucks.  Because it means you have to get real with yourself and the times you screwed up.  Once you recognize that, you can

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