Frog Thought of the Day

humbleI just want to take a moment to stop and enjoy the moment.  My 13 year old son is excited about a Keurig box of decaf coffee, and a stack of Styrofoam cups that came with it.  It cost nothing and he is like a child on Christmas morning.  My 9 year old earned his white and yellow seal bracelets at JBQ tonight (Junior Bible Quiz). And as he should be, he is proud of his accomplishment.  In fact, according to him, “Practice makes perfect-just like when I kept trying to open my peanut butter crackers and do it where all the peanut butter stayed on one side!  I kept trying (I wonder if any of those got wasted…) and I finally got it!”  I really couldn’t help but smile at his analogy. And I was reminded as I watched my 3 year old “read” Bible stories to her friends how yesterday she said, “Mom, I am praying for God to Lord over you so that you will feel better.”

And I am in awe.  I can’t believe that in this day in age as hard as I fight for my children to stay grounded and not become greedy, that overall they are not.  My middle child struggles more than the others.  Unfortunately, I believe it is based on our society and the world’s thoughts that more is better.  He is surrounded by children who have things he probably will not have anytime soon. He is surrounded by adults who covet thy neighbors things.  And he has things that get taken away a lot because he just doesn’t quite understand you can’t leave an Ipad  on the floor. Or even as we speak, how the majority of his Pokémon cards have been taken away for being left on the floor. Mind you, he came home from church and didn’t even notice.  That speaks sonic boom.  Ah well he shall get it.  I pray.  I will take everything if I have to.   (ADHD may have something to do with it.) And just to clarify, that means nothing but books.  And if that doesn’t work, he doesn’t need those either.  Man lots of JBQ study time.  Ok, squirrel has passed.  On we go.

I really just want to remember this time because that means God is visible in their life.  With everything they are pressured with, with all of the things they see and hear daily that they really should not,  they are great kids and I just can’t believe God has trusted me with them.  I am grateful for such a strong support system of family and friends.  I am grateful for God.  I am grateful for conviction that I receive so that I can humble myself before them when needed.  I am not perfect.  I am not always right just because I am the parent.  And normally, as most of us know, it’s our own behaviors we need to apologize for.  We can’t preach to them and walk a different way.  Contrary to popular belief, they are smart and see the hypocrisy.  Ouch-hard to swallow  huh?

I will end on two things.  First, we must show humility and gratitude to teach it.  James 4:6. Go find it, memorize it. Second, thanks to my brother, instead of saying someone farted, we say someone frogged.  Hence the title. You’re welcome!


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  1. Let’s see if your brother notices 😂

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