The Evolution of What Flies [Feb 2016]

1I can honestly say that I have loved the last three days of gorgeous Texas weather.  Not being cramped up in the house.  Not listening to the kids whine because they have not had the opportunity to spread their wings and fly outside.  Flies have no purpose either except to be prey.  I am not looking for someone to refute and correct me scientifically.  You like flies?  Did you ever see the creepy movie?  “Icky poo” as my toddler would say.  She got that right.

So as I am trying frantically trying to throw something together for dinner tonight, there were two nasty little critters flying around my home.  I really want a Venus Fly Trap.  Although, I am sure it would die within a week from indulging in Goldfish.  Or being dropped because my younger son would try to juggle it.  Not kidding.  Don’t believe me?  Sad for you.  Our home can be quite the circus sideshow.  I would never change those things.

As annoying as these buggy creatures are, they are not the only thing that bothers us adults in regards to flies.  Time does.  The time that flies by as our children grow.  The time that goes by before we really get a chance to say what we want to those we love.  It really is ignorant of us to wait until someone dies to regret not keeping in touch.  Being too busy.  You should never be too busy to check in and on your family.  That doesn’t mean you can’t have your own life.  This is about sharing your life.  This is about giving back to those who have given of themselves to you.  This is about showing those who haven’t been gracious what they have been missing.  God tells us to love them too.

Parenting is probably one of the worst types of time flying you can run across.  I have been watching my 12 year old who will be 13 in March turn from my baby into a young man.  Camouflage jackets, army boots (only the brown ones are cool), two pair of jeans because the rest don’t fit right.  I asked him to please tell me what branch of service he wants to go in.  Mama needs to get her heart right so she doesn’t accidentally cause an injury that could potentially force him to stay a civilian.  For goodness sake, shut up.  I have the highest regards for our military and what they give us.  They protect the freedom of those idiots jumping up and down on the American flag who honestly not only need prayers, but a good bootie beating in manners.  I don’t condone violence. Yet these brave people die everyday for you-show some respect.  Oops!  Another soapbox.  I will come back to that another time.

As you know there is an 8 year old who has a huge heart, but is struggling.  We want to help him.  Prayers and guidance needed.  I know that God is opening up the doors to get him those things.  I just wonder if I can provide what he needs emotionally.  His sensitivity is beyond what he shows you.  Behind closed doors, he is overwhelmed.  He thinks he is dumb.  He is very much the opposite.  He is different in the way God made him.  Others want to blame outside influences.  Leave him alone.  Unless you have something beneficial to say, keep it to your uneducated self.

I see my almost 3 year old and I want time to stop.  She is innocent and bursting with personality and curiosity.  Did I miss these things with the boys?  No, but I have been told that when it is your last baby you still see things through a different lens.  She wants to do things by herself.  She can go to the bathroom almost unassisted.  Her vocabulary amazes me.  Caveman says she has mastered Yoda language.  I love when she says her words out of order like,  “How so cute you are talking to the guinea pigs!”  And “I want to hold you” means she wants me to pick her up.  She doesn’t nurse anymore, but her comfort is to have her pacifier and diligently stick her hand down my shirt.  She won’t go to kindergarten doing either of those.  I get my time.

I have two step daughters that I wish I would have had more time with.  My fault is that I want to love them like they are mine.  I want to protect them in the same way that I protect my other three.  Believe me, I have and still do try.  The worst part is that I can’t.  That is a very selfish thing of me.  I can’t reach out the way that I want to and tell them why something is not okay.  I can try, but that doesn’t mean the words are heard.  And if you are in my shoes, you know exactly what I am trying to say.  No harm, nothing negative.  I call them mine.  It’s a very difficult thing.

My niece has been struggling especially today looking at her little one who turned one.  Happy Birthday princess! Mom wants her to keep her innocence as well.  Her natural curiosity.  At this age they begin to assert some independence and that is just really hard on a parent’s heart.  Of course she wants her to grow up and have all these amazing chances to do fun and exciting things!  She wants to always be needed.  I know I do.  We want to be the protectors that we have been called to be.

Are we selfish as a parent to want them to stay little?  I don’t think so.  I think we know that there will be heart breaks, and bad friends, and poor choices along the way.  All we really want to do is protect them from those life experiences.  We don’t want them to hurt.  We don’t want them to be disappointed.  In reality, all we can do is keep them focused on God’s word, and not man’s.  Proverbs 22:6 says “Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.” These children will test us. They will test their limits and think they are invincible.  Pray protection over them.  Pray for wisdom in your words and choices.  They are watching us.  Our words, our behavior, how we treat others.  When you fail in those areas, teach your child humility.  Apologize and ask for forgiveness.  Admit you are wrong.  One of the oldest sayings is also one full of truth.  Your actions speak louder than your words.

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