Stuck In A Shell [Jan 2016]

1I unwillingly rolled out of bed this morning to wake my kids for school.  My oldest is really great about getting up.  He may not want to, but he does. No grief, maybe a little whining.  Then, you have the working on diagnosing combined ADHD eight year old, who can’t get to sleep at night.  Yes, I will take suggestions.  Don’t tell me however that I am doing it wrong.  Unless you have a secret copy of the parenting manual that doesn’t exist, you do not have all the right answers. 

I love ideas and am pretty open to them.  Sorry, I will not give my child alcohol so he will pass out.  I really don’t think it will help wake the already comatose body in the top bunk.  I play relaxation music.  I have done melatonin.  I have read. I have played stories on cd.  So I am a little tired.  In fact, I found myself putting an empty coffee cup into the microwave to heat up my leftover coffee from the day before.  Yeah I know that may seem gross to you, but I was too tired last night to reset the coffee pot again.  If you would like to call it lazy then you may.  If I need to be convicted for that, then the Holy Spirit can take care of that.

It takes at the minimum 15 minutes to get my child up.  He wakes up eventually, with bags under his eyes, and what most people call defiance in getting ready.  When you ask him to get his clothes on, he suddenly has to go to the bathroom.  Can’t find out shoes again.  Even when they are put in the same place.  He barely makes it out of the house with food in his belly.  Not great considering he needs a high protein diet to wake his brain.  This is my nut cycle.  I am working on it.  Not sure my older son understands how difficult this is.  He just wants his brother to walk instead of flip.  Put his clothes away not make a bigger trench out of them on the floor.  So many resources out there.  My brain feel like it’s the squirrel running on the wheel that doesn’t go anywhere.  So, I thank the Lord for having such confidence in me to give me my son.  Although, there are times I think God has more confidence in me than I do myself.  I do not need a motivational speaker following me around all day.  I am not bagging them.  I already have multiple speakers calling me all day every day.  My family, and they call me mom.  I am blessed to be coming across sources on Facebook that help give me some direction. One great place is They also have a Facebook page you can like.  I don’t always put the practices to use as I should, but I do try. Truth spoken, God’s wisdom and guidance provided.  We need more truth.  Just saying.

If you will excuse me for now, my smallest motivational speaker need to use the bathroom and eat a snack.  Pray for me please. Pray for knowledge and wisdom and that I can take things with a sense of humor.

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