Squished [01/31/2016]


Image Source: Quotesgram.com
Image Source: Quotesgram.com


I refuse to step on a cockroach. Not because they are a living creature.  I have honestly not been able to understand to this day what their purpose is.  They get too big and if you step on them you hear a ginormous “CRUNCH!”  It is as bad as the horrible scratch on the chalkboard. What I don’t mind smashing together is hamburger meat.  Patties for the grill. Or pan, depending on the weather.  Since I am a wienie, I will not use my grill when it is cold outside. 

For clarification purposes, if it is below sixty degrees, you can either do it yourself or eat it how I make it.  Now that we have that taken care of, my point is that I got mushed last week.  Since I have apparently been blessed with fibrous/dense breasts, my doctor found a lump on each side and for safety sake sent me for a diagnostic mammogram.  Next year, can we please just remove them for the procedure and sew them back on?  I would like to think that the more endowed you are, the less painful it is.  Unfortunately, I don’t think that is the truth.  You don’t need much detail, and I really don’t want to go into it.  You are probably already feeling a little uneasy reading about this topic. To be quite frank, so am I.  My brain had struggled the week before the procedure with the “What If?” that no one wants to deal with.  We just don’t like to think that we will never be on this planet.  Family, children, it’s all overwhelming.  On that note, after a nice message from my husband I really became grateful.  Grateful that I have such a proactive doctor. Even though we as women do not get excited about the wonderful yearly checkup.  If you do, then I will pray for you.  Have you seen the movie Water Boy?  Just saying.

I am grateful for the super smart people who invest their time and the companies who invest their money to design these wonderful pieces of technology that could save our lives. Now I just pray that the insurance companies will jump on board.  Here is the perfect opportunity to roll your eyes.  Glad I have insurance, not glad about all the red tape.  Wouldn’t you rather pay for a test that could cut the cost of cancer treatment long term? Or any other treatment for that matter? Please I can’t hear the excuses any longer. Blah, blah, blah. Ok I can’t get started on that today.  I will never be quiet. Talk about a soapbox.

So ladies please do not put it off. It’s not worth it.  I would get myself squished on a weekly basis if it meant prolonging my time with my family.  Look at your children.  Look at your loved ones.  Quit being selfish and stubborn.  Love yourself so you can love your family.

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