Nighty Night Mighty Mites (Feb 2016)


We know that parasites and bugs and worms are everywhere.  MRSA can practically be found on everyone’s skin. You just don’t want it to find its way into an open wound. If you are unsure about this statement, you can find it anywhere.  However, I found it in an article on  How many times have you found yourself talking about lice and your head starts itching?  Even though you don’t have it?

So we have been watching our guinea pigs, trying to figure them out.  Yes they love those veggies.  Yes they play chase in their cage and it’s cute.  No my home does not yet smell.  I continue to pray that it stays that way.  Really, no joke, I ask for wisdom to know how to keep the poop stink out of my house.  When I change out their box every day, I feel like I am in a nursery where everyone has had the poopies all day.  They can’t help it, they are cute, but the smell is not one you want to wear on a romantic date. Moving on yet again.

They have been itching here and there.  Caveman mentioned Chonga’s ear seemed to be less hairy. I figured it was just that since that side of his head is white, you can’t really tell. I picked up piggy and the bottom of his feet had no hair either.  Are you flipping kidding me?  We are doing everything we should, they cannot be sick.  Poop is on me this time.  Bam! Figuratively speaking. For now.

So we dive into Google detective mode.  What do we find?  Lots of different things, but we settled on the most obvious. MITES.   The detective hat came off, and now we are vets.  Whoop!  Whoop!  A trip to Tractor Supply and Walgreens, and we have the syringe and horse medicine in hand!  Now, we have to become mathematicians and take a medicine in a tube for a 1250 pound horse and dilute for a 2 and 3 pound guinea pig.  Where is our tutor!!! Really?  I would rather be at Wal-Mart at 9:40p.m. looking for little green army men. If you don’t follow me on Facebook, you just don’t understand what that means. So, being the supporting wife that I am, I leave the numbers to him and go take a shower.  It was for the best I promise, I don’t do those kinds of  numbers. Ugh.

20 minutes later, he has figured it out and it’s time to give them pigs their medicine.  I don’t think you understand.  Too little, they get more sick.  Too much, we will see them in heaven.  No stress at all.  Medicine goes down. We go to bed, and say an extra prayer.

Our two year old gets up before us, and she goes straight to the cage.  I frantically jump out of bed and skate into the living room.  She is a face full of smiles and Chonga piggy is moving more.  He has been getting better every day.  We give them another dose on Monday.  Very grateful.  Very annoyed.  The thing with mites is that they can have it for a very long time without symptoms.  I just want smooth sailing.  That dang anxiety thing that plagues me gets me jumping into a frenzy of negative thinking.  Thank you Jesus that we figured it out.  Thank you that we don’t have to worry about those negative aspects that did not take place.  I really need to get better at handing everything over to God.  I think I have, and then something like this comes up.  Again, I am asking for forgiveness.  I am a work in progress.  Grace.  Wow, we can never wrap our heads around his grace.

Guinea pigs are great, my new home business is looking up, and all I need is for you all to share, share, share, this crazy never boring adventure I call life.

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