Courage is Not Found In Man [Feb 2016]

1Satan comes to kill, steal, and destroy.  In fact, he wants to take the smile off of your face and use it to wipe his nasty booty crack.  I would not put it past him to hold it up and take a sniff, just to make sure that he completed his mission by killing your joy and perseverance.

If you are walking in God’s word, then you can take what negative words are being stabbed in your gut and put up that armor! But it’s not easy.  It hurts-especially when you feel like the words are intentionally damaging.  Some people just want to fight. 

I don’t believe they see it like that.  You just have to see it their way and everything will be fine.  I’m sure it never crossed your mind that the best thing you can do is keep quiet.  No, I did not hit myself in the head with a hammer.  That I can recall anyway.  Although caveman did get a concussion from a metal swing once.  Another time for that story.  Let’s get back on track.

There will definitely be times you need to look at yourself and see if there is a point to anything the other person is saying.  That in itself is something most of us run from.  If you run.  If not, it gives you a reason.  Many times you will not have an explanation satisfactory to what they are wanting to hear.  You could say exactly what they want to hear-and you are still incorrect. It’s that dreadful no win situation. So ask yourself if you are responding in God’s way.  Pray specifically for wisdom in your words.  I tend to pray for God to help me keep my mouth shut. People that is the truth!  What have I learned?  Be prepared to fail. You are going to fall flat on your face, break your nose, maybe even lose a tooth. There may come the time when you feel so out of control with wounds you seem unable to control your emotions any longer.  Most of the time, it will come out in vicious anger.  When I feel hurt and betrayed, I have tended in the past to go into defensive mode like a loony ninja.  It will happen because you are human. No, it is not an excuse to chase someone around the house with a super heavy shovel.  Or a samurai sword.  It is also not okay to chase them with the same rusty shovel or used sword you have let fester over a number of years. Life can suck and I am learning that sometimes, you may have to walk away. Walk away from that moment and give your hurt to God. Not stick your head in the snake hole and never be seen again.  I may still be seen, but I have attempted to shove my head in that very same snake hole.  It’s that crazy human thing again.

Did I mention that it is one of  the hardest thing you will ever probably need to do? The enemy is going to try everything to keep his hold on you. Believe me, if you are not careful he will burn you to the point of hopelessness.  His claws will tear your flesh and his evil words that bounce around in your head will cause you to question your own instincts.  His teeth will sink into your heart, and munch on it like a rabid dog. Or raccoon. Maybe even a squirrel. (Say it isn’t so!)  He will try to keep your legs in the hot iron chains.  Please keep fighting!  Keep praying and calling out to the Lord.  He never promised life would be a piece of chocolate cake with caramel drizzle and vanilla ice cream on the side.  Or even on the top. (Now I have a craving.)  He did promise our basic needs would be met-just put your trust in him.

You are not alone!  Reach out!  I have had to learn that asking for help does not make you weak. No matter what someone tells you!  Proverbs 15:22 says, “Without advice plans go wrong, but with many advisers they succeed.”  It takes a strong person to open up with personal fears and hurts.  I learned that in church and it is so very true.  It can make you feel empowered and loved.  Whatever thorns are jabbing in your side, don’t give up.  Pray for who or whatever put the thorns there in the first place.  What can you learn from these little devilish things?  Read James 1:5.  Don’t quit now, open up that electronic device and see what it has to say.

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